Crazy Chibi Wall Jump - Collect Coins & Watch Out for Lava

4.7 ( 577 ratings )
ゲーム アーケード ファミリー
開発者 Harry Tran

Meet Chibi Monkey the ridiculously springy jumping monkey, he flips, rotates, and bounces all over the place. While chasing down Chibi Coins (did I forget to mention hes also greedy for gold?) he got stuck in a tight situation. He had no idea that he would be hopping into a lava pit. Now his only chance of escaping is climbing up the wall.

Using a real world simulated physics environment, you need to time your jumps so that you do not collide with the falling bricks. Collect the Chibi Coins, it is the only way you will be able to advance your score. Its not going to hurt you to miss the coins because you dont want to slowly slide into the lava, because you will eventually be forced to jump in order to move higher up the wall.

This game is unforgivably difficult, theres no easy mode, its not going to just let you win, every point will be hard earned and test your skills in every direction. Any mistakes you make and you will either crash into a block of sharp pointy spikes or hit the side of a cliff. If you jump too close you might end up diving right into the lava. If you dont do anything at all thinking you can just clutch onto the wall all day like a lazy monkey you will soon sink into the lava.

Imagine getting some coins and suddenly youre on a roll here. What would happen if you missed a calculation and dropped yourself into the lava? Some of the greatest world scores just werent meant to be. Whats a poor monkey suppose to do in this situation? But dont lose faith, keep on playing!

• Simple Controls
• Difficult to Master
• If you tap closer to Chibi Monkey then you wont jump as hard, but tap farther away and youll be flying!
• Tap the top half of the screen to leap higher, tapping the bottom half of the screen youll jump across.

Enjoy the simple cute graphics, easy to learn controls, a game that offers true challenge, real world physics, natural gravity, lovely soundtrack, fun sound effects. This game is great for kids too!

We challenge you to play this game. Its so difficult none of us at the office were able to get more than 5 points. We encourage you to post your high scores to the Game Center board and show off your jumping talents.